Wednesday, March 28, 2012

eatery challenge #4

in my spring fare post, 
one of my items was to "have shakes at twisted root."

well it didnt really go down that way.
i had been craving a burger. a real burger.
not some cheesy frozen patty from a window.
so husband and i made plans for saturday night to go over to the twisted root.

twisted root really became popular when they were featured on diners, drive-ins and dives
and they never looked back..

they have a couple locations within the metroplex,
but we opted for the roanoke location in the heart of their "downtown." it was a bustling saturday night, people lined the streets everywhere and i knew it was gonna be packed.

with a sprawling menu of what seemed to be a million options i selected the st patty's patty (the month special) & a side of french fries.

the st patty's patty was a
1/2 burger* with pepperjack cheese, bacon (REAL bacon!) & avocado ranch. all typical condiment veggies included. and the fries were regular fresh cut fries. husband and i split a bucket o' beer. & he had the buffasin burger with a side of fried pickles. buffasin  = half buffalo, half venison

along with condiments they have a pickle bar! pickle bar! even snooki would be impressed by this thing.  pickles ranged from regular dill to atomic and had a little of everything in between. my favorite?? the sweet and spicy for sure! and all fresh made. nothing from the back of a pantry cabinet that has a sysco price sticker.

as ron burgundy was called, we hurried to the counter to retrieve our meal. heaven was about to be experienced.

every bit of this meal was pure deliciousness.  and i mean every word of it.and not only do that have your generic ketchup and mustard, they have chipotle ketchup & honey dijon mustard with horseradish. yum yum!

twisted root is definitely a must visit if you are in the dfw area, whether living or visiting.  menu items also include a black bean burger for the animal friendly & turkey burger for the cow friendly. do not expect chicken anywhere on the menu. you wont find it, they dont carry it. oh and exotic game burgers? oh yeah it happens here..

*all burgers are 1/2 lb. so sharing is always an option

and lets not forget dessert.  sno-cones, cotton candy & adult and virgin milkshakes have their own menu.  thats for next time, when i dont completely stuff my face.  or maybe decide to overstuff my face.

rating on a scale of 1 to 10? um a million!  already planning our next visit!


  1. Oh I will SO be visiting this place soon! Sounds absolutely amazing! :)

  2. I have eaten there twice this month! Both times i ordered a shake with my burger. Yumm!

  3. Yum!!! A pickle bar?!? That is AWESOME!


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