Wednesday, March 7, 2012

what i'm loving: spring 2012

its march 7 and in texas spring has already began showing its beautiful face.  i'm definitely not complaining either.  i love spring (& fall!) when texas gives us those seasons.   temperatures in the 70-80s and clear skies make for the perfect weekends if you ask me.

i've starting putting away the longer clothes and pulling out sandals, shorts, & sunglasses.  my heart is already giddy with the thought of warmer temps.  so i've decided to share a few of my favorites that i hope to acquire soon to make spring 2012 even better than last.

1. fun floral dresses! i've got some weight to lose*, but i can't wait to start wearing some leg baring dresses that pair nicely with fun sandals and flirty hair pieces.
2. a new tea kettle. i currently have a plain ol black one and hope to spruce up our new kitchen with a vibrant colored one.  it will make my tea making in the mornings even more exciting.
3. cute short sleeve tees. my closet consists of mostly works tops and baseball t-shirts, so i would love to incorporate some cute tees into my wardrobe for little dates such as picnics out with husband or when a baseball shirt wont do.
4. wedge sandals! i love wedge sandals. they go perfectly for nights out or days just hanging out.  hopefully this spring i can score some super cute ones that are both comfortable and priced reasonably.
5. bangs.  so its been way too long since i've gotten my hair cut last. i'm sure any hair guru out there would chastise me for my split ends and the amount of time its been since i've been in.  but i've just been putting it off, because i just dont know what i want.  i've toyed with the idea of bangs for quite some time, but just not sure if i want a swoop or a straight cut bank like reese.  i am going this weekend the salon, so hopefully the stylist has a better opinion of the whole bang on my face debate. 

what yummy things are you hoping to acquire to make spring more fun and flirty?

*yes its march and yes i'm just now deciding on the whole weight loss thing, but losing weight in a tiny cramped apartment isnt the easiest thing.  and now with the great house hunt of 2012 coming to a close here in the next month or so, i'm really going to get down on myself to lose some weight. major weight.  i'm too the point of hating my picture being taken and dread dressing every morning.  i know i can do it, because i've done it before; it just takes great deals of time, dedication and determination.  which brings me to my next idea.

nutritious living the right way.  no diet pills. no fad diet methods. no starvation techniques. nothing extreme.  weight loss done the right way; eating right & regular exercise.  i'm going to try and stay consistent on my blog and document every part of the journey.. which includes the dreaded photographing.  the feature segments will probably include progress photographs, healthy recipes & substitutions, restaurant eating & work out ideas.  stayed tuned for more details on that.

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