Wednesday, March 14, 2012

hump day happiness

its wednesday folks!!
half through the grindful week
& i couldnt be happier!
to share in the happiness is a new feature.

hump day happiness

ranger baseball spring training.  husband and i have tivoed and then watched a few of the ranger games & have thoroughly enjoyed watching Yu pitching. bring on the regular season.

packing. it makes the thought of us moving even a bigger reality.  i cant wait!

open toe shoes. with the weather in texas finally starting to warm up, i have been able to wear my open toe shoes more. and i even wore shorts last night on a trip to uhaul.  come on springtime!

spring break. even though i may be a normal adult and work through spring break, it sure does lighten rush hour quite abit & i thank you for that.

mio energy. its zero calories, but adds just enough to my water to help me get through my day without needing coffee.

the amazing race. so glad its back on & i thoroughly look forward to sunday nights to see where they end up next.  go team border patrol guys!

what's included in your hump day happiness?

if you choose to join in,
let me know, so i can check your happy things.
be sure to add my picture to you post.
thanks! xo


  1. Ah those are great things! Was definitely wearing shorts as well yesterday! Well, I still may be wearing my PJ shorts, but I'm on spring break and don't have to get dressed at any particular time...

  2. yay for open toe shoes!! i soo need a pedicure!!


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