Wednesday, March 21, 2012

spring fares + an awesome freebie!

with us two days into spring, i can tell you i'm definitely loving all this super gorgeous weather we have been blessed with. well minus the monsoon a couple of days ago, but i know we need it, so i will take it.

i've decided husband and i need to make the most of our wonderful spring weather since summer isnt too far bechind and then we will be complaining about how it is too hot to go out and do anything.  so i've made me a little "to-do" list for spring.. food edition. 

picnics, parties & lots of yummy delicious food.  i'm already dreaming of the pasta salad (its my fave picnic food!) & grabbing a delicious shake with a burger on a friday night.

have you been the website LOVE vs DESIGN?! not only is it a personalized stationary site, but they have quite a few freebies I know anybody would get excited about!  heres a few i absolutely love & figured i would share:

feather gift tags

sequins thank you card

owl library card

time card invitation
 again free!! it doesnt get much better than that!  so jump on over there and get you some fun stationary!!!

happy wednesday afternoon my darling friends!

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  1. Oh I love those ideas! I want to go to the fondue place in Arlington, but my husband has made it clear it would be more of a 'me' thing then something he would enjoy. He would still go, but I don't want to force him to do it lol


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