Wednesday, February 29, 2012

our home: dining beneath the stars

well sort of.

Crisp Architects traditional porch

Timber Framed Screened Porch modern porch

its wednesday!! i can't believe how quickly this week has flown by.  i know i shouldnt be wishing life away, but i just love weekends. they are the best afterall.

good news friends! we won the bid on the house!  i felt like dancing in my office when husband called with the news.  we are one step closer (again!) to be homeowners.  i have a really good feeling about this house. its newer & we did all the "inspection work" that we could while there - our inspector gave us tips to help.  and after all the inspecting, we didnt find anything wrong that we couldnt fix with a simple hand tool.

so in the meantime of paperwork and waiting, i've decided to dream more and more about all the design possibilities our new little investment has, mainly in the sunroom. husband and i decided that the sunroom would make a great dining room for us, mainly because it has tile flooring and what the builder called the "formal dining" has carpet, which in my book is a big problem, especially when kids & food are involved. back to the sunroom though, the two exterior walls are all windows, allowing lots of natural light to pour in during the day, but features a nice ceiling fan to keep things cool on those extra sunny days. 

i've thrown around alot of ideas in my head of how i want to design the sunroom.  i want to be sure to let the sunshine flow but still make it feel as though your inside.  do i go french bistro with pops of flowers, pale pink, and fun french items? or do i go a more bold route with middle eastern style flairs and lots and lots of color?  the choices seem to be endless.  i do want to be sure to include some tealight candles on the table & some little bud vases along with a festive table cloth & placemats.

does your dining room exude any particular style? if so, what is it and what led you to that choice?

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