Tuesday, February 28, 2012

our home: this is what dreams are made of

or atleast in my opinion.

happy tuesday friends! the weather here in texas has been unbelievably friendly the last several days. typically the end of february brings thoughts of possible icy weather or just miserable cold temperatures. but highs have been in the 70s and i couldnt be more thrilled. so thrilled that i'm wearing capris today. can you believe it? capris in february. in texas! last february we had an ice-pocalypse & everyone was beyond miserable for quite some time. so this is pleasant change. 

while the weather has been cooperating, husband and i have also been doing lots of house searching in this past weekend.  can i tell you how stressful house searching is?  i think i'm over what everyone calls the fun part of house hunting.  as i know i should be patient, i'm to the point of "i just want a house already!" attitudes.  we managed to find a couple that we were totally pleased with & one in particular i'm absolutely over the moon for.  the bad news was that there was another bid on the home so we had to place a bid as well. now its just a matter of waiting to find out who has the higher bid.  (pick me pick me!)

the house instantly felt like home walking through the front door & gallons of sunlight poured through all the windows, warming my skin and bringing a smile to my face.  this is home i thought.  with a quaint kitchen, perfect for whipping up dinners for husband and i or baking a dozen cupcakes for a party, it felt the way a kitchen should feel. plus the countertops and cabinets were beyond amazing!

oh and did i mention the sunroom? it has a sunroom!  husband and i think maybe that rather than a fourth bedroom they made it a sunroom with grande windows and tile floors, this room is my idea of a dining room! eating among all the sunlight, yet with the luxuries of ceiling fans and air conditioning to keep us cool during the summer months' unforgiving temps.  i can see husband and i, along with our friends and family, dining back there, eating scores of different foods while the stars twinkle one side of the window and echos of laughters are heard on the other.

dont forget to include the high ceilings, the gas fireplace or the huge master bedroom.

this is my house!  keep you posted if we get it.  

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  1. Really hope you get it!!! Good luck!!!


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