Wednesday, February 1, 2012

oh betty how i love you.

can you tell i'm addicted to my iphone yet?  i feel as though the blog has lost my heart since dear betty came along.  yeah i decided to name her betty. 

we love taking pictures and enjoying all that she has to offer me..  so much so that i decided to do the #febphotoaday and todays picture was your view.  and above is my view from my office window.  i like it. alot.. the bell tower standing proudly in the distance among the trees makes for a splendid view when the weather decides to cooperate...  if you want to follow my #febphotoaday - follow me on instagram: @cheersbethani

i'm still learning some tricks on the phone and finding new apps that i can't live without.  its a whole new world for me.  a very addicting world..

betty's new clothes arrive any day. hopefully tomorrow.  eeps. 

i hope everyone is having a wonderful wednesday, wherever your might be.


  1. Welcome to the family Betty!!! ;) You have a lovely view! My office only has a window in the back door... and the view is just a dingy old parking lot. Boo.

  2. I love my iPhone too.. so many amazing apps. Lovely blog you have here :-)

    Hugs from your new fan in Paris xx
    Camille @ The Wild Fleur


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