Thursday, February 16, 2012

our home: update + the backyard

update time:  the house is ours.  minus signing closing papers.  the seller agreed to all the paperwork, signed off & we are on to inspections, appraisals and signing a million pages about 4 times each. we expect to close around march 27 give or take a few days. we couldnt be more excited. the dream of finally moving out of our apartment is becoming more real each day.

its time for window shopping new furniture ideas, browsing sites like houzz (my new favorite site and obsession!) for inspiration, ideas and places to find the items you are looking at. seriously people, i could spend hours upon hours on this site.  it even has a mobile app which make it 10 times better.  but on to more fun things, the backyard! tuesday i posted about my ideas for our entry way - today is all about the backyard. 

i've always wanted one of those super dreamy backyards that most fantasize about & only few have. canopy sitting areas with plush outdoor sofas, a high tech outdoor kitchen area & of course a little fireplace to stay warm during chilly months and roast marshmellows.  heres a few of the backyards im swooning right now.

oceandesigner contemporary landscape
Decorate by Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick eclectic patio

Landscape Design - Build contemporary landscape

Landscape Design - Build  landscape

what does your backyard look like? any special features?


  1. Wow, those are all amazing! Such great inspirations! Makes me wanna sit outside with a fancy cocktail right away!

  2. All awesome ideas! My backyard... uh yeah... We do have it fenced in now. There's a grill and some cheapo lawn chairs... Hubs did get me a really cool fire pit for Christmas though! Obviously it needs some work. haha.

  3. i've always wanted something like that too-a way to bring the outdoors in. these are so pretty:)


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