Monday, February 6, 2012

our weekend + #febphotoaday: part 1

happy monday friends!!!  this past weekend was absolutely terrific and i wish it didnt have to end, but being lazy doesnt pay the bills.

we spend most of our weekend reorganizing the apartment, which included a fun filled trip to IKEA. the land of pyschos and swedish things.  we got us a new bookcase, which i dont even have the slightest idea why we waited as long as we did, but i'm absolutely over the moon in love with our new bookcase.  eep!

we also spent quality time with family and enjoy lots of awesome food.. my mom has recently become the newest addict to pinterest. but who isnt these days? well besides normal people? lol just kidding.  back to her being an addict, she found a handful of super rocktastic recipes she made for our little dinner party saturday, and i will definitely will be sharing them in an upcoming post.. yummy delicious brisket tacos and melt in your mouth brownies. yum yum!

and my latest venture has to do with the ever so amazing instagram.  i joined up with lots of others in the #febphotoaday challenge & above are my photos going in to day 6 which will be happening this evening. who knows what dinner has in store for the husband and i.. have a few errands to run tonight, so it could potentially come out of a swing open window..  anyone else joining in on #febphotoaday??

oh and ETSY? its busier than ever!! yesterday i cranked out five orders and still have what feels like a million open.  one of these days i will catch up... no complaining from me though.. this is extra anniversary trip and house down payment money.  and i love every minute of it.

what was everyone up to this weekend?

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  1. Really debating this whole Iphone thing now... Thanks Bethani... sheesh... haha. Guess I just need to get one. But I kinda love my Droid. Anyways... So glad to hear business is booming!!! Keep it up girlie!!!


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