Wednesday, February 22, 2012

sometimes the greatest things are worth the wait

and the hardest to find.

monday was a terribly discouraging day.  we had home inspections, (which i highly recommend anyone buying a home to invest in). to keep things short, it did not go like we had hoped and planned for.  there more things wrong with the house then husband and i were willing to deal with, both monetarily & time wise.  sadly, i dont think the current owners ever did anything to really take care of their home, which is going to cause them great frustrations with any future attempts at selling their home.

so we are still on the hunt for our house.  this weekend we are getting back out there with a new list of homes in hand ready to find the right one for us.  and like i've always been taught, everything happens for a reason. whether we see it now or fifteen years from now, there is a reason we arent supposed to have that house. 

it really is frustrating and upsetting, but i know there is one out there and its just waiting for us to find it.


  1. Bummer! I'm sorry girl! You're right though, obviously it wasn't meant to be... We had to go through a couple of houses before we found ours too... It's out there! Just keep looking!

  2. Thank goodness for that inspection! You will find your perfect home soon, i can feel it! House hunting can be very emotional can't it?

  3. boo! that's no fun. you will find a great place soon, i just know it.


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