Wednesday, February 8, 2012

home sweet maybe?


husband and i have decided its the perfect time to begin looking for a home (between the crappy market and interest rates being really, really low). and by home i mean house. our own house.  no more renting or leasing. no more apartments. no more tenants above you or sharing a wall with a weird neighbor.  its time!

we recently (like yesterday!) paired up with a relator and begin the process.  we talked about all the things we want and do not want as well as the general process.  its very exciting for us. 

saturday we are going to go on a home tour so we can get a feel of different neighborhoods and the options that they have as well as look at a few homes we may be interested in.  i can't wait. 

we started the pre-approval process last night as well. talk about nerve racking.  i think anytime alot of money (and a house is a lot of money!) and credit and all that begin to be talked about, i get severely anxious. its not that im not an overspender or have shoddy credit, its just the waiting game that drives me batty! and the economy in the state that its in doesnt really help either.  we should hear back today from the mortgage people & then its on.

i hope to keep you all posted with pictures and news of our home buying process because this is the hugest step in my life, besides getting married. and that was stressful.


  1. OK wow! I love love LOVE that house. Looks like a little cottage. I simply adore it :)

  2. Good luck! It's so much fun searching for homes, I wish I had done more of that back in the day. We picked one out and had it built and I so wish we'd considered other options back then, but we've been here for almost 19 years now so I guess it works! Enjoy yourselves and have fun with it!

  3. That is SO EXCITING!! Hope the home tour went well! Hope you've been pre-approved and wish you all the luck in finding a home you will absolutely love!!!


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