Monday, February 27, 2012

eatery challenge #1

learning and playing with betty has become of my most favorite pasttimes. i think husband is in agreeance on this one.  a few of my favorite apps include: instagram (most favorite!), urbanspoon & just recently foursquare.

i'm taking it upon myself (and maybe forcing husband) to start trying more off the beaten path eateries. by that i mean no name brand style eating.  first it makes life more interesting, but most of all, it allows us to discover new, yummy, and different foods than we arent used to.

so i'm taking a pledge. kind of like molly did.

- must be non name brand. chilis, pf chang's, etc dont count
- must include photo(s) and description of food at each place
-eatery can not be used twice in posts
- overall rating of eatery

sounds like fun right???
to get this started:
(pictured above)
a very simple & cheap! taqueria
menu ranges from street tacos to quesadillas
& even includes gringo (white man!) tacos
i melted immediately when i saw their offerings of street car tacos and opted for something simple - 2 barbacoa tacos
at only $1.25 a piece i knew this was my kind of establishment
we added a side of rice ($1) & chips and salsa ($1.50) too.
drinks were the icing on the cake. jarritos! seriously.
include some drug cartels and i was deep in the heart of mexico (jk!)
husband enjoyed barbacoa, pastore & some other taco i cant remember at the moment, all which he thoroughly enjoyed.
tacos came basic (corn tortillas and meat)
& a dressing bar was a free for all
cilantro, lime, onions, pico de gallo
& countless salsa for the picking.
so if youre in the area and need a quick cheap taco fix,
el taco h. is just for you.

would i eat there again?!
heck yeah man! already saving my pennies for it. :)


  1. Ooh awesome! I haven't heard of this place-- will have to try it soon!

  2. Those are the BEST kind of tacos! There was a little place in our college town that served these... I really miss it!!!


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