Monday, January 30, 2012

a birth story: my iphone

this past week i was having major issues with my cell phone.  wouldnt hold a charge to save its life.  to do anything on it - make calls, text, anything - i had to keep it on a charger.  by saturday, enough was enough.

i called sprint to find out what my options were.  replace the phone? only to get it in time to upgrade to a new phone? i dont think so.  after reviewing the account, the wonderful gentleman only the only side of the line, graciously bumped up my upgrade date to SATURDAY! yay! i had to give it a few hours for the account to update & then i was free to get what i had been wanting for some time now, but was not willing to break the bank for.. an IPHONE! 

seriously, i dont know why i have waited this long. its so amazing and wonderful!  i'm still waiting on my phone case, but have a temp on it for now.  husband got one also, but i believe he has a worse addiction than i do. should i name it? i'm deciding... it would definitely be female, because there is nothing masculine about my case thats come in. 

and with the "birth" of my new phone, came the birth of a few new accounts i have that i would all my friends to follow on..

instagram - @cheersbethani

still have:
twitter - @cheersbethani
pinterest - @cheersbethani

heres just a few of my favorite photos so far..


i think apple has created a monster.

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  1. First of all, the title of this post just made my day. It is awesome. Also...ugh! Please don't tempt me. I've got the cheapest phone known to man and I'm really, really trying to resist the urge to upgrade to something as special and wonderful as an Iphone. I'm trying to be more Amish-like in my lifestyle choices, and that goes against my new moral code. But dang. They really look cool...


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