Thursday, January 5, 2012

home sweet design - whimsy woodland finds

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yesterdays post inspired me to continue my hunt for more wonderful items that i would love to acquire for our new home, whenever that may be.  and for those that know me, know i love whimsy, vintch style decor. old things? i love them. even things that look that way are splendid too. and anthropologie has a great sense of capturing that in their items.

most of the items i found come from anthropologie, with the exception of the fawn mugtail from korin.  i raved about these mugs in the past, as there is a whole collection of them, and due to high demand, korin will not be shipping anymore of these cute things until march. yikes! i dont know if i can hold out that long, because for $16 thats a steal in my book to have one of these sitting on my end table, full of hot tea, waiting to be enjoyed over a good book.

do you enjoy whimsy items inspired by the woodlands like i do? or do you prefer more modern type style?

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