Wednesday, January 25, 2012

i didnt think it was monsoon season yet


today is absolutely the best day for staying home and doing nothing. its perfect for staying in pajamas & eating big bowls of hot soup while catching up on the dvr. its snuggling weather. perfect for staying home and getting all my heartsy orders completed. theres still 67 vouchers available

instead im at work. i got drenched while pumping gas. squenched my eyes to drive to work, because my pour wipers just could not move fast enough.  and to add icing to the cake, almost managed to stall my car out in a swimming pool.  but i made it. 

hopefully the day chugs along quickly so i can hurry home to a dinner party for three. chicken parmasean & salad finished with a hot warm brownie.. all that while filling our minds with a new episode of criminal minds. we are addicts afterall.

here's to a "wet cat" kind of wednesday.

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