Thursday, January 26, 2012

welcome to technology {g} family


husband and i are taking the leap into 2012 by joining the technologically advanced world and getting iphones. big deal i know. i've been hounding husband for quite some time about how we need smart phones. seriously, neither of ours is close to being smart & i think his current cell phone qualifies for museum artifiact.

my contract is finally up next wednesday (thank the lord!) and am able to upgrade to a cool kid device. so wednesday we are hurrying ourselves over to the sprint store and getting us both an iphone. and if you know me at all, i already began looking at iphone cases..  i wanted an otterbox because im such a klutz. but they are not cool enough for me. and then i met society6. and found this. we fell instantly in love.. but i also love this one & this one & this one too.  and dont forget this one. but i ultimately settled on the one pictured. dont get me wrong, i will purchase those others at some point.

and as far as the phone itself goes, i cant wait to have it in my pretty little hands.  any apps you recommend getting??

other bits... heartsy went decently, pretty well actually. considering it was my first feature i think i did fantastically. now just lots of hours of preparing orders awaits me.  but i'm super excited to have my name out there to that many more people.

also, i've got a few things i'm going to "work" on when i have a little bit of additional time on weekends - if that exists.  a little bit of garland, a few more cut outs. and maps, lots of maps.  all this and a few more things.  i also want to head outside one day when its nice and reshoot alot of my items for better pictures..

i hope you are all having a terrific thursday!  


  1. Very cute case!! You will LOVE the iPhone. My favorite app right not is Instagram. I have the old 3gs for a while now and I can't wait to be able to upgrade to the 4 next month who hoo! Have fun!

  2. Hey hey Bethani! Thanks for following my blog! I'm following back!

    Janette the Jongleur

    PS. Once you get your iPhone you'll wonder how you lived so long without it! Seriously!!! Get Instagram... Hipstamatic.. Some kind of Flash lightt app. Those are my most used.. Oh yeah, and Words with Friends.

    PPS. Is that a soft case or a hard case? I've heard nothing but bad stuff about hard they crack at any spill..My recommendation is to get a softy case...Just my two cents ;-)

  3. That case is so pretty and colorful! Yay for finally getting a smartphone! :)

  4. It's about time sista! Your life will never be the same. =)


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