Friday, January 13, 2012

its a chilly friday + weekend forecast

its finally friday my friends! with this rollercoaster weather that we have been having, husband and i have been battling allergy symptoms all week, and thankfully tomorrow i dont have to get up super early for anything.  but we have a few things lined up for this weekends enjoyment.

his cousin & one of my good friends had a birthday this past monday. we are celebrating tomorrow night with some fun.

theres this new movie coming out. husband really wants to see it.  we may go.

going to get some etsy supplies too.  i love the new items my shop is coming out with.

relax, relax, and sleep.

oh i may cook some brownies too.

what is everyone doing this weekend?

oh yea, before i go, dont forget about the giveaway we are having.  it ends tuesday.


  1. Have a fun weekend friend! Our 4 year old nephew is coming for a sleepover tonight so that should be interesting! And entertaining of course! :)

  2. YUM! Brownies sound so good! We headed out of town to visit my college friends this weekend! So fun!!


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