Tuesday, January 3, 2012

little notes #3


dear 2012,
we are three days in and i've already decided this year is gonna be a good one. full of fun, laughter and adventure.

dear etsy,
i've reopened you, changed some things, and added some new things.  i need better pictures on some of my items, but for now i'm really loving the way you have turned out. i hope people agree.

dear blog,
i've changed you to my own domain.  i like it. with this change, i hope it brings lots of growth, new friends and lots of wonderful opportunities.

dear texas weather,
okay so its january 3. thats winter.  so there is no need for highs reaching 60. its driving my nose crazy and i really dont need to be sick right now.

dear adele,
i love your cd: 'Live At The Royal Albert Hall'  Its absolutely wonderful and I love your accent. It makes me smile.

dear bank account,
you will smile alittle more from now on.  my car is paid off, so that means a little more green for you to see and hold onto every month.  oh don't worry, it makes me thrilled too. you're not alone.

dear husband,
i'm still totally thrilled about our anniversary weekend getaway.  i probably will talk about it til it gets here, but i absolutely loved this place and can't wait to get more of it in my blood. oh and consume massive quantities of german food, beer and wine. yum! i promise to take more photos this time.


  1. Yay for getting your car paid off! I can't wait for us to do the same on mine. And yup-- those long Texas roadtrips are something else. We had a group from church who would be driving the same distance as us, but were going to drive through several other states. Not cool haha!

  2. So many good things happening for you! Getting the car paid off is huge! So excited for your anniversary trip! LOVE that you opened your etsy shop again, oh and I kind of like the warmer weather we have been getting. =)


  3. yay for all these fun, exciting changes--your new blog and shop design are fabulous:) looking forward to following along with you on your 2012 adventures!

  4. Wow! Lots of exciting things! :) By the way... this post showed up in my feed as well. I just hadn't gotten to it until now. So jealous you have your car paid off! Can't wait to get mine paid off!


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