Thursday, January 19, 2012

11 things + then some

I recently got tagged by Kassi over at Truly Lovely  in the 11 things tagfest/game. 

Here we go:

The rules:

1. Post the rules.
2. Post 11 things about you.
3. Answer the questions the tagger asked you.
4. Write 11 questions for the ones you tag.

11 Facts About Me

1. Husband I met on - so we are one of those silly testimonials.  I'm still waiting on my commercial contract.

2. When I traveled to NYC, I sat second row Mamma Mia! on broadway.  It was amazing.  I love NYC and everything about it. Slightly obsessed, and cant wait to go back someday.

3. I watch way too much trashy reality tv.  seriously. ask the husband.. he will vouch for me.

4. I find any excuse to bake something, particularly cupcakes, with sprinkes of course.  (above was voting day, so we had "red" cupcakes and "blue" cupcakes!)

5. one of my absolute favorite things to do, is pack a picnic, head to a pretty garden in the area and dine.  nothing better. my pasta salad is pretty awesome!

6. Christmas is my most favorite time of year. again, ask husband.  i will find any excuse to decorate early.

7.  I'm sort of a computer nerd. and I'm not ashamed.

8. Texas Rangers Baseball is the best team ever! I even converted husband to a baseball fan. Its that good!

9. I love me a good museum.  (above - Pacific War Museum in Fredricksburg, TX)

10. I have a neice (almost 4) and nephew (7). They might as well be my own; I cant ever go that long without seeing them.

11.  I would rather starve than eat onions. Seriously, if its in there and I can see it, forget it, I'm not eating it.

Now Kassi's Questions:

1. What's your worst habit?
My worst habit would be biting my nails or chewing on the end on pens.  So bad I know. I need to stop. And quick.

2. What do you consider your best characteristic?
Errr. I'm really outgoing.  For the most part, I will try anything once (outside of illegal activity.) and I'm extremely spontaneous.  If I get the urge, I will do it. 

3. If you could do any job what would it be?
I would own my own Bakery. In a heartbeat.  I love baking and filling others' tummies with yumminess.  And I want my bakery to resemble that of the one in the movie "The Perfect Man" with Hilary Duff, Heather Locklear & Mr. Big. LOL

4. What's your favorite shop on Etsy?
Umm. Mine? LOL

5. Name three of your favorite blogs...
1. Rockstar Diaries - i love her little family and adventures
2. Truly Lovely - love the DIYs and recipes
3. A Cup Of Jo - she lives in NYC and I love her NYC features. told ya I'm obsessed.

6. What's your favorite recipe to make?
Pasta Salad - i promise I will share it one day

7. If you could trade places with one blogger who would it be and why?
It would of Taza of Rockstar Diaries, because her cute little family is always on the go doing something fun and exciting.  And she has this amazing sense of style that I would love to have & she can rock some red lipstick.
 8. Ryan Gosling? Bradley Cooper? Alex O'Laughlin? ;)
Um duh, Ryan Gosling.

9. What's your absolute favorite movie?
Steel Magnolias. I always hope somehow the ending will change. But it has laughter, romance, drama, everything in one movie.  Plus who doesnt like Ouiser.

10. If you could choose one blog conference/event to go to, money no object which would it be?
I would love to go to a blogger blitz up north in either Boston, DC or NYC

11. What would you eat for your last meal??
Yikes. Um. Well being as I'm in Texas, we dont get a choice anymore, but if I had to pick, it would be my moms homeade tacos, with all the fixings, rice, beans, chips, salsa, avocado dip & for dessert either german chocolate cake or red velvet with cream cheese frosting.  Yum Yum! Oh with a nice big glass of sweet tea..
Now the 11 questions for my tagees:

1: If you could meet ANYONE past or present, who would it be and why
2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
3. Favorite food ?
4. If you won the powerball, what would be your first thing to spend your money on?
5. Dream job?
6. What is your most favorite vacation you ever took?
7. Favorite girl and guy celebrity?
8. Favorite DIY project you have found?
9. If you were stranded on an island, what is your number one thing you would have to take with you?
10. Top three favorite blogs to read/visit?
11. Favorite book you have ever read?

and the people i am tagging are: 

jasmine of la bella vita
courtney of vintch
holli of three wishes
christina of a little silly sock
kristine of the foley fam

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  1. :) Well done! I love that you made cupcakes for voting day!?! Who does that?!?! Hahaha! You're awesome! And the Ryan Gosling question... Totally a trick question.. I'd take all three... hee hee.


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