Friday, January 27, 2012

friday fancies #5

hey everyone!  so today i have something fun and new!  {av} over at long distance loving partnered us up and we are swapping blogs.... so cathy and i swapping blogs & talking individual style... you can head to hers if you want to check out my post...

heres cathy!!!

Hi, Cheers, Bethani! readers! It’s Cathy from Fiscally Chic, where I blog about saving money with style (and cupcakes and nesting and other fun things). This week, {av} of Long Distance Loving paired me and Bethani for a Friday's Fancies swap. Friday's Fancies is all about dreaming big and being creative.

Bethani and I decided to share a little bit of our personal style as a way for you to get to know us better. Since I write about saving money and other personal finance things, I tend to make my outfits a mix of dreaming and reality.

Jess LC dotted paisley earrings, Loft metallic stripe sweater,
J. Crew paisley scarf, Gap tee and jeans, Hunter boots

I could see myself wearing this outfit to one of the many local microbreweries in Chicago since my husband and I love craft beer. We also homebrew and an IPA should be ready soon!

Since it's currently winter in Chicago, my outfits need to balance fashion and function. Colorful scarves are my favorite way to do both. The pop of color is a simple way to jazz up an otherwise boring winter outfit.

Hunter boots are another one of my winter must haves! Plus, these come in a happy magenta which is perfect because my favorite color is pink.

I have those Jess LC dotted paisley earrings in white and wear them all.the.time! These berry ones match the boots and scarf perfectly.

The rest of my outfit is filled with classics like the white T-shirt, jeans, and a striped cardigan. That way, I can create all sorts of outfits with one simple change in accessory or piece.

Thanks for having me, Bethani! Have a great weekend!


  1. Thanks again for having me! And I love all the pink in the outfit you created.

  2. Love that scarf & the rain boots :) super cute!

    Happy weekend

  3. What a perfect outfit (if only I still lived in Washington where it rains all the time...) down here in Georgia though the weather is a little more sunny hahah... But you can never go wrong with jeans & a white t-shirt!!!


  4. I love that this is a real, wearable outfit. Great job!


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