Wednesday, May 30, 2012

random jibber jabber

-leftover fruit + ice + a little splenda = rocking slushies & plenty left over for italian ice type snacks!
-puppers thinks our bed is her bed now..  um yea no. as much as i love her.. she has her own bed.
-the weather has been wicked.. i saw a trampoline in a front yard on my drive in if thats any indication.
-trains are still comforting to me.  its good thinking time.
-just dance 2 - just sweat is awesome. just sayin'.
-i'm itching to weigh in everyday, but that only sets me up for disappointment. must resist the urge!
-today i'm eating the last of the avocado dip. i'm sad.  it is my favorite afterall.

got some random jibber jabber?


  1. I am a new follower, you blog is lovely :) I would like to sign up for the Snail Mail Social if not too late? I live in Australia, is that a problem?

    Miss R

  2. Penny (our older dog) slept on the end of our bed for a little while as a puppy... Neither of them do now. Too hot I guess. And they're too hairy... Clean beds make me happy. haha.


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