Thursday, May 24, 2012

i am me. the series.

 i did a post a few days back about learning to comfortable with my own skin.

before i met husband it was very easy for me to be in shape and live a very healthy lifestyle.  working out everyday, eating all the right foods and consuming more water than a thirsty horse during a cattle drive. then i met him, became terribly happy with our relationship & we fell into a lifestyle of unhealthy eating, laziness & doing basically whatever we wanted whenever we wanted.  and the pounds piled on both of us.

i know it has affected me a lot. clothes dont fit the way i would like them to, acid reflex, asthma/bronchitis systems that i NEVER had before & a general tired feeling all the time. not to include mood changes, being grumpy & irritable.  and its terrible feeling this way.

so i'm grabbing my life by the horns or balls, possibly both, and making a change. husband has decided to participate too, maybe against his own will.  and making a change doesnt have to be anything drastic, it just has to be a change for the better. including healthier eating, no more eating fast food - drive thru windows are youre worst nightmare, exercising atleast 4-5 days a week, even if its just walking the dog.

i've done it before & i know i can do it again.  the picture above has a meaning. a great meaning. jillian michaels may be hard, she may be tough and somewhat a bully, but she gets results. you may feel like you are going to die, which i have MANY times, but you wont.  you may feel like you are going to puke, which you might, but you wont die.  i have to constantly remind myself of that. exercise, eating right and general lifestyle changes are a mind game. they really are.  your body will do anything it wants to do, you just have to convince your mind of doing it.

i hope to make this i am me thing into a series of posts along our little adventure. posting healthy recipes, exercise ideas, progress reports (maybe including pictures) and posts of overall health and general feelings during the process. i've also added to the bottom footer of my blog a weight loss tracker as a tool to keep me motivated and allow others to see my progress. 

if you want to join along, feel free. if you want to participate in our lifestyle change, feel free. friends losing weight together is always easier than alone.


day 1 - yesterday, may 23, 2012

i downloaded myfitnesspal to my iphone & created an account - cheersbethani is my username. its an awesome tool - even if you just want to keep track of your eating... i highly recommend this app.

below is my summary for day one.

husband and i also started the 30 day shred by jillian michaels.  20 minutes of hardcore training. i must admit. it was hell. husband even called jillian an evil nazi at one point. and i thought i was going to puke.  but we made it through.  and i can honestly say, the great feeling of accomplishment afterwards was well worth every second of the workout.  only 29 days to go. then on to levels two and three.


  1. I'm doing the shred as well! Did it before a year ago and had to stop because of our move overseas, but after the first day I thought I was gonna puke and pass legs were shaking I hardly made it downstairs...haha, but each day it got better! I am in on joining you to a healthier lifestyle!!
    Awesome! Hugs xxx

  2. Good for you girl! I get the feeling comfortable and then gaining thing... I gained alot right about the second year of our relationship, then I dropped down right before/during/after our wedding... Now a year later I'm back up... Oh the cycle!


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