Monday, May 7, 2012

our child is a maniac (but i'm thankful for that)

my rant of a post last week, probably left everyone guessing at what the heck my deal was. so i figured now as good as ever to give a much better explanation to my fly off the handle post.

when we adopted dear roxanne a few saturdays ago, we adopted her under the notion of good health.  come sunday evening, just just started acting funny.  so monday morning, i had husband take her to the vet to be checked out.  they ran some blood work, but said she appeared to be just fine, and sent her home.  they would call when the test results were received in case any red flags came up.

the car ride home was like any other. her bouncing off the walls and proceeding to ride in the back window space like a cat. i thought everything was fine.

monday night was pure hell.  between horrible diarrhea & constant vomiting, the barking would not stop. lets just say we were all miserable and i knew at that point, more was going on then what we had been told. i told husband shes going back to the vet. i dont care if i look like the over protective parent, but better safe than sorry.

will our situation was more sorry than anything. upon her arrival they immediately discovered she had full blown parvo. and on top of that they couldnt explain her runny nose, so they put in another test for that - they thought it could be distemper.  oh and dont forget the staph infection on her back along with hookworms, round worms and coccidia. poor husband had to call me with the devastating news.. 

we knew at this point we were basically out of luck, because how in the world were we going to afford all of this.  luckily his mom works for the vets office so she was able to help us out alot, but now was the matter, would all the treatments work.

the next several days (remainder of the week) was very iffy.  we knew if the distempter test came back positive, we would have to make a very difficult decision, and i really was in no shape to have to do that.  they began treatment for everything else she had, and thursday, the news we had been so anxiously waiting for had come in.  she didnt have distempter. THANK THE LORD!  just two upper respiratory infections to add to the numerous other problems she had already been confronted with.

during all the waiting, we called the humane society to only get more irritation and frustration. i'm sorry but dont tell me to bring back a dog that i fell in love with, only for you to put her to sleep, because shes sick.  you dont take a sick child back do you? yea didnt think so! grumble.

we visited roxanne everyday when we could & just hoped and prayed she would turn the corner for the better. that corner happened friday evening.  she began drinking water saturday morning (the first water since monday night!) and finally began showing small signs of happiness.  we ran over to the hospital saturday morning, with what seemed like a million pounds of boiled chicken in rice, to see our dear baby. 

yesterday we finally got the news that she was eating again & would be able to come home today, monday, when i get off work.  she is back to puppy status.  barking like a maniac and pretty much driving all the vet staff a little crazy.  but i will take crazy and neurotic just to have my roxie back.

in the meantime, we got a new computer system at work.  its a beating.
but i'm picking it up a little here and a little there.  hopefully theres not a test, because i will fail.

oh and i colored my hair. again! and its red.  friday was a semi messy hair, fresh off the beach look. i was too tired and worn out to give a crap about my hair that morning.  and to me, semi messy beats a ponytail.


  1. So glad your baby is alright!! It is so scary when something happens to them and you can't figure it out!! Yay for Roxanne getting better!! Here's to a better week!!
    -Meesh :)

  2. Poor little Roxie! Glad to hear she's doing better!! Loving the red!!!

  3. As a person whose baby is of the four legged variety, I can sympathize with you. We had a close call with Lila when she jumped off the porch one day last year and sliced her foot open. It was a mad dash of loading a great dane in the backseat of the car and rushing to the vet (an hours trip) to spend all night at Petsmart b/c we refused to leave her. Now she's good as new and I don't know what I'd do without her.

    Hopfully Roxie will continue with great health!



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