Monday, May 14, 2012

snail mail social

i just finished participating in the send something good project over at gentri's blog.  well a few weeks ago.  and i also received my package from my "secret" friend and i can't tell you the amount of happiness the little package brought to my heart and soul.  each intricate little item was picked out for me. it was like she had known me forever and each of those little items, i cherish. they make me smile every time i look at them, because at those particular moments, someone else was thinking about me. which brings me to the point of this post.

i had in the past done a pen pal type situation, writing letters to ladies all over, but it became a huge task, writing numerous letters in a week, but the idea of sending and receiving snail mail excited me.  so i figured something like the send something good project, where everyone is paired up, with someone else would work a million times better.

guidelines would be simple:
-each person is given the name and address of their receiver.
-once signed up, you are committed for that month to ensure your receiver gets something and isnt left hanging.
-each "package" would a be letter/card and a small trinket or two for your receiver to enjoy.
-no exuberant money to be spent. five to ten dollars for the package. a little goes a long way.
-no commitment required. you do not have to participant each month. you can quit at any time
-each month you receive the name and address of someone new to keep things fun and fair. if you get the same person twice & would like someone new, let me know asap so we can try to switch you with someone else.
-you must have your package out by the 15th of every month to ensure the receiver gets their package before months end.

i will then do a link up party, featuring the posts of what everyone received.

the first swap would begin for the month of june.  if you would like to participate, please send me your name, address & blog address - cheersbethani {at} live {dot} com

participation is open to all readers, domestically and internationally.

deadline to participate for june is wednesday may 23. 
your receivers information will be sent to you on may 31.
deadline to send package will be june 15.
link up party featuring what everyone received for june will be july 2.
then july will begin. and so forth. 

i would love for you to tell your friends, share on your blog, etc. the bigger the better you know?


any questions let me know.


thank you for stopping by!
you made my day.