Wednesday, May 16, 2012

it would have been a million times better with vanilla ice cream.

snail mail social is moving right along.  a handful of people have signed and i couldnt be more thrilled. everything has to start somewhere, so i'm super excited everytime a new person signs up.  there is still plenty of time to sign up - the deadline is wednesday may 23. 

in order to particiapte all i need from you are your name, address, & blog address if you have one. it would also be helpful if you follow along via GFC so if there any blog post updates about s.m.s you will see them in your reader.

i wore my bangs in a braid for the first time yesterday.  and surprisingly i really like how it turned out.  very different, but very fun.

i go back and forth on how to wear my hair all the time. it doesnt cooperate very well, so the easier the better. but straight every day gets old really quick.

any suggestions on quick easy ways to style?

last night i made triple chocolate peanut butter pudding cake.  i was very hesitant at first because it looked really "gooey" around the edges. but when i served it, ohhhh emmmm geee it was delicious. would have been much better if i had vanilla ice cream to serve with it.

recipe coming soon..

hope your wednesday has started off and continues terrific!


  1. Oh please yes that recipe is very needed. Not that I should make it, but I will anyway.

  2. Your hair looks so red in that pic! Love the braided bangs!!


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