Tuesday, May 29, 2012

hot dogs with avocado dip are the shiznit!

the holiday weekend is over, but we have enough hamburgers and hot dogs left to feed a small army. good thing i like both of them. and whats better is i have plenty of avocado dip* left.  and good thing my fitness pal doesnt get too snarky when i add one of the items to my diary of food consumed.

i hope everyone had a terrific weekend, got lots of rest (if that was your goal) and enjoyed all your family and friends.  husband and i sure did all of those things. our first bbq was what i deemed a success & yesterday we spent the day cat napping and watching ridiculous amounts of tv.  but thats okay, because we are adults now and can do whatever the heck we want.

i did make my "summer" debut at the swimming pool sunday evening. its still too cold for swimming, if you ask me. and chances are the next pool outing will include me sitting in the childrens area, enjoying the mist off the waterfall.  i've become that much of a swimming pool fuddy dud.  its the whole strange kids jumping and splashing me in the face thing i dont enjoy. 

*avocodo dip is this super awesome green dippy stuff that is delicious on everything.  maybe one day i will share the recipe. its not quite guacamole, because it contains no onions or tomatoes. as you all know i think those are both equally disgusting.

i created a tumblr sometime ago (last year) and never used it. i kept thinking whats the point?! but then my super pinterest/photo addicted self decided it would be a good outlet for all the photos i find across the interwebs that i love. whether its food, fashion, places to visit, whatever, it will be there. just so im not flooding le blog with all my random photo searching.. 

i probably wont do any "live" blog posting over there, but i think it would be neat to keep a photo journal of sorts.  well see what happens.


i've somewhat decided 30 days of jillian michaels wont work for me. shes way to aggressive. and the fact that i couldnt really sit down correctly for like four days probably isnt great for my body.  so i'm thinking more like every 3rd or 4th day will do.  in between i will mow yards (because the hoa says i have too), dance to the wii like a crazy lady with no coordination, and walk my dog.  that should work.

the eating thing i've pretty much got down pat.. self control is the main factor.  realizing what is a good choice and whats a bad choice are what most of us have problems with.  this weekend was a test.  and i really think i passed with somewhat flying colors.  (who can resist homeade jalapeno poppers.. really!)

two pounds down.  only like 36 to go.


  1. PLEASE post a recipe of the avocado dip!! I'm loving avocados but I can't handle the texture right now, so I have to eat it in dip form.

  2. I will eat avocados every single day if I can! My favorite and easiest way to make a quick dip is to mix an avocado with Joe-T's salsa. Yummo!
    Glad you had a good weekend, it sounded like the perfect weekend to me!

  3. My avocado dip is just sour cream and smashed avocado... Cause I'm lazy, but I love it! :)


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