Wednesday, May 9, 2012

color crush: vintage

i've always been a huge fan of all things antique or vintage. my house is a prime example of it. if i had millions and the time, i would have an older historic home that exudes charm, stories and cuteness. i'm very much an old soul.

our backyard is currently "in progress" status.  i've worked in the garden and got some items planted, but as far as it being anything else, that wont happen until fall.  plenty of time for saving our pennies and dimes & for planning how we want it to look.  my idea is very easy and obvious.  colors of pinks, beiges, mint greens and grays to give off the bed & breakfast garden feel. 

with crepe myrtles & knock out rose bushes. hanging pots with ivies and blooms. and a covered patio for sipping our favorite beverages while munching away at my latest kitchen endeavour. and dont forget a little bird bath or two for the playful sparrow family that lives on our front porch. 

husband is even keen to this idea.
hurry up fall!

what colors are you crushing on??
send me your color inspiration board and i will feature your color crush on the blog.
email: cheersbethani {at} live {dot} com

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  1. I love these so much! Vintage and I have a hot/cold relationship. Sometimes I love it and others I hate it. Right now, your photos, I LOVE it.


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