Tuesday, May 15, 2012

chuga chuga. chuga chuga. choo choo!

pictures - some are mine - some are from weheartit

something about trains fascinates me.  whether its the clicking along on the tracks, the blowing of the horn, or the train cars themselves, i always fell captured by their simplicity.  zooming down the tracks, hauling anywhere from cars to food to living beings, the thought always crosses my mind of what their destination may be. and of course all the things they have seen along their trip.

my drive home from work, i pass over two rail tracks within just a few miles of our house.  and the major train station for cargo and such is just north of us. we can see all the lights and hear all the sounds of the train world. they are comforting sounds. i can judge when its time for me to leave for work, by the blowing of the train's horn either leaving or entering the station. pretty awesome if you ask me.

we have a train in grapevine that carts people between there and downtown. the trantula, they call it. its pretty whimsical if you ask me. i've ridden once. and have been hoping that husband and i will embark at that little adventure again sometime soon. as the train makes it way from one city to another, a little history lesson is taught about the train itself & you can hear the giggles and excitement from the children waving out the windows to on lookers.

the best part? during the summer months, they have a night time train robbery event. after passengers board and start their way down the tracks, "robbers" ride up on horses and take the train over.  sounds like my cup of tea.  come on summer!

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  1. We've been wanting to catch a ride on that train ever since we moved here. Maybe this summer will be the perfect time to do so.


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