Monday, May 21, 2012

weekend wrap-up: lots o' food & some fun too!

festivals were in full swing this weekend around the metroplex // husband and i found us a new & closer nursery to visit

red velvet cake w/ cream cheese frosting ice cream // a bottle cap doesnt have to tell me twice

a super drool worthy hamburger at a birthday party // outdoor dining was a must have yesterday after some crazy shopping at a grand opening

roxanne had a check up saturday. it went beyond well. she's gained three pounds since her near death experience and has decided that army crawling is the way to travel just about anywhere.

color crushing much?? mint green and french pink are super gorgeous so why not put them together??

how was your weekend?  do anything exciting?


  1. Looks like you had a yummy, chill weekend. I love your nails btw.

  2. LOVE the accent nail! I miss McAlisters... We had one where we lived before... LOVED it!


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