Tuesday, May 1, 2012

this rollercoaster ride is making me nauseous

this week has been an absolute week from hell. i try to keep my language along the straight and narrow, but i have dropped more swear words today & cried more tears then i think ever in my life.

things have been absolutely frustrating, irritating, nerve-racking, upsetting, saddening, etc. every negative feeling out there, i have felt today. 

today has made me realize how much humanity can suck. at times.

i will share more later, but for now, keep the pups, damon and i in your prayers.

ps. i did receive my send something good package yesterday & it did bring quite a smile to such a daper day.  thank you "secret friend!" even though i know who you are now. absolutely terrific & i will be writing you & sending you a little something soon.

pps. the anniversary cake was pretty awesome. husband and i had a lax anniversay, but it was terrific for what we were able to have.


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  1. Ah boo! Sorry it's been a rough week! Sending you happy thoughts and prayers!


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