Tuesday, February 1, 2011

its an ice-pocalypse!


This is what DFW, Texas looks like this morning! Brrr is all I can say.  I braved the snow, ice, sleet & below freezing temps and carpooled it this morning with a co-worker so I could make it to work.

Yes folks, that how dedicated I am!  LOL.  Hopefully we get an early release, because its only supposed to get worse through the day.  Temperatures aren't supposed to reach above freezing until Friday, so the next few days will be extremely interesting around the metroplex with the Super Bowl and all taking place this week. 

I hope all my local DFW blog friends stay warm & safe!  I will post more pictures later of the craziness down south.



  1. oh goodness! be safe! my grandparents are in DFW and they're feeling it too:) stay warm, sweet friend!

  2. I actually convinced our president that we needed to close altogether! So I'm working from the safety of my homemade sheet fort today! Though, my 2 year old assistant is completely incompetant. ;o)

  3. Hope you're keeping safe and warm Bethani! I swear by lots of cups of tea!! x

  4. Oh, I didn't realize we lived so close! I am in north DFW. :) Yep...it's cold! School is closed today so I got to stay in. :) I think the Packers brought this with them...haha!

  5. ahhh! we're bracing for that ice {or maybe snow!} tomorrow...I'm just so ready for spring! hopefully you got out early! be safe and stay cozy! xoxo {av}

  6. it's been extremely cold here in utah these past 2 days. i just want the warm sunny days back. stay warm and be safe cause driving in the snow/ice sure isn't fun at all. :S

  7. looks like youre getting alittle of the northeast back home! its so pretty! & be careful!


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