Friday, February 11, 2011

crazier than a suspect on criminal minds...

Good Friday morning my sweet blogger friends!  I am so glad its Friday, and I'm pretty sure everyone else is too.  I can't say how chaotic and weird the last several days have been in Texas. 

This was LAST Friday..  Temperatures hovered in the single digits with windchills below zero.  Can we say BRRR??  Do you notice the height of the snow on the edge of the roof in the second picture?!   Haha and this is Texas we are talking about, where in a few wee months we will be passing the 100 degree mark.

And this was YESTERDAY!  Bright, sunny and not a cloud in the sky.  We are expecting 60 to 70 degree temps this weekend.  I can say this craziness is driving us all a little batty, but the nice increase in temperature is welcomed by all my fellow Texas friends as well as myself.

Oh and for a little more fun - my hair! Yes alot of people think it looks exactly the same - but meh I think its darker than what it was before.  Before it was all kinds of craziness on my head; now its just a nice chestnutty honey all over...  Did you notice my little rosette clip?? I couldn't resist adding to the wardrode yesterday. 

Have an amazing Friday and Valentine weekend my friends..  The mister and I have lots going on - well I think we do.  And Monday (Valentine's Day) I hope to share pictures of cupcakes galore - I'm making Red Velvet and now Carrot Cake (to please his sister's wishes) along with my pasta salad (recipe to be shared next week!)  

Are you doing anything special with your honey's this love filled weekend?!  Please share (well the appropriate things of course!)



  1. Crazy, crazy weather!!! Your hair does look darker! Very nice! :)

  2. Your hair looks great!! I'm loving this sun by the way ;)


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