Monday, February 7, 2011

wiis, babies, & football..


The beautiful weather this weekend & early release from work on Friday allowed the mister and I to get alot of the things on our to-do list complete plus a few fun little bonuses.

My tax return was deposited to my bank account Friday, which was an extremely nice surprise for the week.  I know most people think getting money back on taxes is not good, but hey I like to think of it as a little bonus every year, so please don't rain on my fun. :)  And with my return, I like to buy one fun item and then the rest goes to whatever like bills, weddings, etc.  So this year, we got a Wii. 

I know people, I'm a little behind on the times..  What can I say?  I still have a free cell phone - I refuse to upgrade to anything thats fancy and high tech.  As I'm still getting the hang of the Wii, and all of its amazingness, I can say I thoroughly enjoy it and am glad we finally got one.  My game of choice - Just Dance 2.  It has been kicking my butt since we got it, but thats a good thing - any exercise is good exercise, plus I'm hoping it gets me into a bit better shape before the big day...

Besides the Wii, the mister and I decided to go baby shopping for some friends of ours (The Mister's Best Man) who have a baby due right around our wedding day.  Now wouldn't that be a crazy mess if baby was born at our wedding.  We stuck with the registry to ensure they got some of the things they were wanting, plus a few extra items just for fun.  Shopping for babies is so much fun, as long as its not my baby.  :)

The remainder of our weekend was spent relaxing, catching up on household chores, and of course football - well for the mister it was.  I'm not as big into football as he is, but he grew up playing football through school and I was just a book nerd, so go figure.  I watched long enough to watch Glee's Lea Michelle excel at America the Beautiful, Christina butcher the National Anthem, nasty Ben throw some interceptions, the Black-Eyed Peas rock it (well for what we could hear), Slash make a surprise entrance, and Usher dance without words; then I went to the other room & watched random shows like My Fair Wedding & Kim and Kourtney Take NYC.  Yea I'm lame.  But its better than watching nasty Ben get pummeled by what I think is Jake Gyllenhal's lookalike.  I'm so glad Ben didn't win!!

Anyway, I'm glad its Monday.  I'm glad the Super Bowl is over & we can get our metroplex back.  I'm glad all the Packers & Steelers along with their nasty attitudes went back to their respective places. And I'm definetely glad we have our sun and we're above freezing temps.  Well until tomorrow. 

Have a Happy Monday Friends!



  1. haha i love that all your major super bowl highlights were musical performances! that's about all i watched:) bless his heart, poor usher's microphone was totally botched. at least his dance moves killed!

  2. oh my goodness your blog title makes me so happy !! all the pictures ! ha idk what it even is i just love it ! i also love(not) that the super bowl manages to take over the world for the weekend!

  3. I'm so thankful for the sun these last three days..... LOVING it. Glad you got a Wii!! How fun!!

  4. dude- tax returns are TOTALLY free money. i'm with you ;)

  5. That was pretty much my take on the Super Bowl too! Except the Pepsi Max commercials were pretty funny!!! Where the girlfriend hits the other girl in the head with a Pepsi! Bwahaha!

  6. tax returns are the best and bring a smile to my face -unless i'm the one that has to pay. i totally have a cheap phone as well, i really don't get what's all the hype with those really cool and gadgety phones. i wish my weekend would have been fun but i was stuck at home doing homework.


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