Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Queen Anne, Fredricksburg, Texas

So the mister must be totally in sync with me or I must be that good of a persuasive person, but today the mister booked for us our honeymoon.  The honeymoon process has been crazy!! We started with Las Vegas or possibly even Ireland, but airfare was just something I was too frugal to pay for after all the wedding costs.  So New Orleans was next, but we couldnt find something cost friendly, with all the parking costs and extra fees that started adding up, so I said, "What about Fredricksburg?"  And without hesitation, he said something along the lines of, "that sounds like fun," so I started looking. 

With a click here and a click there, our honeymoon was selected and here it is! 

The Queen Anne, Fredricksburg, Texas - Aspen Room to be exact

Isn't this place darling and filled with charm?  This little bed and breakfast started as a cute little home back in 1904 so its filled with rich history and lots of trinkets of times past.  We chose the aspen room, because hello, did you see that bathroom?!  Something about it says French old world to me, and with that jacuzzi tub, I was sold.   Plus, they also serve a full B&B style breakfast EVERY morning in that nice dining room in the last picture.

Most people are like "Fredricksburg?!"  Fredricksburg is full of B&Bs, quaint diners, vintage shops, and antiques galore, along with rich history thats within walking distance of everything.  Plus its affordable!  Extremely affordable at that for our little pocketbooks.. And if you want to splurge on the fancy things, they have everything from spas to boutiques in order to please everyone from all walks of life. Its also fairly close to major attractions, but tucked nicely into it's own little spot on the map that screams romance and getaway with the one you love. 

I can't wait to check in! ♥
One more thing off our list and I'm getting more excited everyday!

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  1. That looks like such a sweet place to go on your honeymoon!

  2. That sounds like such a great honeymoon! Those pictures are gorgeous! I love doing those kinds of things...diners, antique shops and such. Me and my mom travel to places like that to do those things!

    We had considered Vegas too for our honeymoon and Ireland is the place in life that I dream of going too! But we chose California. We did the whole Hollywood, LA thing and we LOVED it!

    Hope you have a wonderful time and hope you are following on my wedding blog ;)

    ~Romantic Savy

  3. It looks very sweet!
    I really like the antique-y look of it all.

  4. For some reason when I saw this post and the pictures it reminded me of "The Bounty Hunter". Have you seen that movie with Gerard Butler (my boyfriend, ooolala) and Jeniffer Aniston? Your honeymoon place looks so cute and sweet and romantic, and there's a warmth and home-y feeling to it. And the jacuzzi and bathroom. Ah, what more can I say. Someday I would love to have a little cute house like this one.I'm so excited for you!

  5. How exciting!! That place looks so nice.... what a great honeymoon spot....

  6. How fabulous is this!!! Love that you chose somewhere close! We're in that same boat for sure! :) And the little B&B looks lovely! Congrats on an item checked off!!!

  7. That looks amazing! My husband J and I love to stay at B and B's...on our honeymoon (we went to Napa and SF) we stayed at a hotel for part of the time and a little cottage that was a VRBO (Vacation Rental by Owner). It had some similar charms to your place but not nearly as big of a bathroom :)


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