Monday, February 28, 2011

its a long time coming...

a la
I started this blog a few years ago, blogging a little here and a little there, with only more recently having my blog become apart of my every day life. I thought my blog would bring lots of happiness, but instead its brought lots of other feelings.  Feelings of anxiety of the right words to say, feelings of frustration when nothing seems to be panning out the way I want them to, feeling of guilt when I don't blog everyday, or the feeling of disappointment when my blog is full of heart and soul but seems not up to the standard of the "popular" blogs.  It seems this blog relationship I have been having seems to be doing more harm than good, causing me to have a lot of resentment toward the blogging world and people in genereal. And with my new 'life" about to start as {bg} as {av} would have it, I can't be more sure that blog life for me just isnt working out, because I want my future life as a Mrs. to start off on the right foot, with that one less possible nagging feeling looming over my head everyday.

This isn't a forever goodbye, its just a hiatus for awhile.  A breather of sorts.  To get my thoughts together about what I want this to be for myself, about how I want this blog to continue, if I want it to continue at all.  I still love my friends that I've made in this time, no matter how near or far you may be.  You have really made an impression on my heart and I think about you all the time about how you are & where your lives are taking you.   I will still be reading blogs and making comments, but just not blogging on my own blog.

You can still contact me - I will be sure to respond and keep in touch
email: sugarbearbear {at} gmail {dot} com
twitter: cheersbethani

Til then,


  1. hang in there, my love! you have so many wonderful things happening in your life...the best of which is that you'll soon be {bg} :) we'll be here for you, my dear! all my love! xoxo {av}

  2. I'm so sorry to see you go.... I just found your blog and thought it was so sweet! Good luck in your journey and I hope to still keep up with ya on Twitter :)

  3. I'm really hoping you come back refreshed and continue to blog!!! I really enjoy your posts and your blogging style! But I understand... sometimes a break is needed!!! Good luck lady!

  4. Hi Bethani,
    I understand why you want to have a break or stop fully, I hope you will use this time to feel good and enjoy these weeks before your big day. Will thinking of you two on April 30th and hope to see you around soon again.
    Big hugs, and cheers,
    Maureen x

  5. I'm sure this is something that everyone needs, and it kind of makes me sad because I just recently subscribed. But now I have a reason to go back and read all of your previous posts!

    Good luck with your wedding!

  6. haha what are the odds. the day i find it!

  7. we sure will miss you. i've enjoyed your posts and totally understand what you mean about popularity and not feeling like you really quite fit it, or like you're just talking/writing into an empty black hole, because i've felt that many times. and i'm sure many others have. but we're here. you do have people that care and read your lovely beautiful posts. hope to see you again in the future. and have a happy wedding. if anything else at least share your wedding pics with us. ;)

  8. hey sweet pen pal! girl, you got to do what's best for you, and i am so proud of you taking this step. blogging is a commitment, that's for sure, and i honestly can't imagine planning a wedding or being a fresh newlywed and also juggling a blog. for my selfish sake, i hope to hear more from you soon and see all the beautiful places life has taken you, but i know, no matter if you broadcast it or not, you are seeing, feeling and experiencing GREAT things! xoxo courtney


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