Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the beginning of the ice age..

dawn of the ice age

Good lovely morning folks.. Yep I'm just getting to work and settling in.  Its been quite a chaotic scene in DFW today..Single digit temps, rolling blackouts & icy parking lots!  Yea I said rolling blackouts - in the WINTER!  Currently our north tower has no power, so hopefully it doesnt move our direction; I'm currently enjoying the heat.

I was hoping to finish another clutch last night for Cheers, Bethani, but I decided to hit the hay at the usual time in case I had to struggle to find my way this morning.  So MAYBE tonight I will get it finished and up for tomorrow.

Stay warm & safe my friends.  Hopefully, Texas will be back to normal soon, even though the forecast calls for more nastiness and snow Thursday night. Bleh!



  1. greetings from downtown dallas! :) isn't this crazy? the sidewalks are all covered with ice. yesterday i watched a girl from our window walking her dog- only her dog was walking and she was literally just gliding across the ice. have a great day!

  2. I wish Louisiana would get this snow! Is that a bad wish, LOL?

    It is freezing here!!! But no snow...

    Stay warm and good luck,
    Romantic Savy
    Hope your following along on my romantic journey! Don't forget to enter this week's challenge!

  3. The weather right now is nuts!!! Hope you have power all day!! :) It's a frezing 20 something degrees here today... Yep that's Arizona for ya!

  4. The weather you have in Texas is pretty much what it's always like in Utah during the winter. We've been in the single digits too. We were at 8F yesterday, it was insane, thankfully it hasn't been snowing. Keep warm! It's the perfect weather for staying in drinking hot chocolate, and enjoying a good book. :)

  5. saying prayers you made it through the day without too much darkness, my dear! your description sounded positively miserable! hope tomorrow is better :) xoxo {av}

  6. haha, love that picture, so fitting


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