Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wishful Wednesday (1)

Brooke over at Bright Wishes, does a weekly Wednesday post about things she is currently wishing for and has asked us to join in.  Not much is going on right now, except a new hair color (pics coming soon) & sleet + some snow..  Yay more of this mess.  Hopefully it doesn't stick around as long as last week's did.

Now for the wishes!


Lots of sunshine!  I'm ready for spring already.. Days full of sun, warmth and bright skies - minus the snow.

pasta salad!

Pasta salad! My pasta salad for that - I will be fixing this wish this weekend, because I dont think I can make it any longer with this craving.  I will share the recipe next week.


Money!  I know this should be a no-brainer, but I'm ready to get everything paid for in regards to the wedding.. Its a never ending list people!


A doggie!  I know I have to wait a while on this one, but we will have a dog one of these days.. And I can't wait!

What are you wishing this Wintery, Windy, Wednesday??



  1. aww great wishes!! I can't wait for spring and money would be good! ha

  2. Hmm I could def go for some of that sunshine with your pasta salad this weekend. But what I really wish for is an easy couple of months leading up to our wedding - money, people and everything. I love you!! Be careful today!!!

  3. I really like your pictures!! Your blog is so sweet! Looking forward to looking around your blog!! I am your newest follower. Have a great day! xx Natalie

  4. Those are great wishes! The puppy is adorable :) and sunshine will hopefully be out sooon!! Won't it??

  5. Hi Bethani,
    I back blogging, have to read more of the posts I have missed, I see you changed your blogs name right? Or am I not reading it correct? catch you soon, Maureen x

  6. How cute is that puppy?! I love that pic.....

  7. great post! Thanks for sharing! I'm here from Bright Wishes!

  8. Yes yes, please bring on the sunshine and all it's warmth. I really liked the top picture. And money is always good. :)

  9. Yay for Wishes!!! And great ones at that!!! All that I can relate to... Except the doggie... We already have two! :)

  10. Aww the little puppy you have photoed is so cute! I have wished for sunshine as well. Sigh* more snow here today.

  11. Definitely sunshine and puppies :) Both very good things. very :)


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