Thursday, April 5, 2012

really? a mcdonalds?

our apartment is beginning to become more and more cluttered.  boxes stacked anywhere theres a spot & our poor kitties are hunkering down under anything that protect them from the chaos.  i keep telling myself only 4 more days. only 3 more days.  only 2 more days! and we will be on our way.

i got us checked in early with the uhaul people.  and i had to list myself as a driver. really people? i am the last person who should be driving one of your uhaul trucks.  i'm a honda civic girl.  not a uhaul girl.  maybe a personal truck. but seriously? a 14' truck that can take out any structure, car, pedestrian in seconds flat? i dont think so! thats husbands job. my job? loading & hauling kitties. thats my job.


in other news... i'm so freaking sick of hearing about this stupid woman in maryland who supposedly won the mega millions.  really lady? produce the freaking ticket already!  and why on earth would any intelligent person "hide it" at their place of employment??  riddle me that batman. if i won or a group of me and my friends, family whatever won, you can bet my sweet butt i would have already made my way to austin to get my prize, hired a lawyer, everything.

this woman is such a moron. and everyday its something different.  i bought the ticket; i didnt buy the ticket, someone bought it for me.  i won; i dont know if won.  i hid it at work. get your story together. and the fact you have seven children & single working at a mcdonalds saying something.  birth control lady!! its possible they are all from the same father, etc, etc, but based on everything else, i'm not buying that either.

and dont even get me started on her lottery pool work business. yikes! someones getting really screwed there. its called a copier & john hancocks people. 

okay off my box now.

have a terrific day friends.  next time you hear from me, i will be a home owner & already moved in. eeps!


  1. Thank you for making me smile! Your comments on the lottery thing fit exactly what I'm thinking! SOOO TRUE!

    And yeah... when we moved from Houston to DFW I flew my brother down (who has a lot of experience driving big vehicles like ambulances) just so he could drive our U-Haul. No way did Matt or I want to drive it!

    Good luck with the move!

  2. AH!!! SO exciting! :) Take care with your move and have fun with it! As far as the whole McDonald's thing... Did you see her Sweet Swine cap? For real. Enough said.


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