Wednesday, April 18, 2012

hump day happiness

a few things i'm loving on this 18th day of april.  

food pins on pinterest

i must say i have a healthy addiction to pinterest.  mainly the food section.  it makes finding recipes and meal ideas more exciting than just coming up with them on your own or googling for hours on end.  plus theres pictures. yummy pictures.  these two items are just a couple of the recipes i've added to my must do list. 

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pallet garden

really hoping to accomplish this little project in the next couple of weeks for our backyard.  rather than leaving natural wood brown, i plan on adding some color to mine.  thanks to my brother who has pallets readily available to him.

scenic drives

driving home in the afternoons has been rather refreshing once i get past the city.  all the trees, natural vegetation and animals that i get to see on my route makes for a very relaxing drive, giving me time just to soak up all God's natural beauty on the Earth.  plus lots of just thinking time - reflecting on the day i just had + things ahead of me.  some days i just want to pull over and take pictures of everything, but i probably could spend hours doing that, so maybe that will be a weekend activity. 

what items on todays happiness list?


  1. cheeseburger eggrolls?! Omg! That sounds interesting!

  2. I want a pallet garden! What a fun idea!


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