Thursday, April 26, 2012

backstreet's back. alright! well not quite..

but i am!  did anyone else get that 1990's boy band reference??

so i've talked to a few people about reopening the shop, but a few changes have been made.  i moved platforms.  well i still have my shop at etsy, but its on permanent vacation mode.  i'm now using big cartel. theres alot more perks over there, plus the customizations to the store are endless.

right now i've got a handful of items listed, but more are coming soon, including a couple headbands. even that rosette will be available for purchase here in the next couple of days.  stockpiling them, before i release it for purchase; also will have different colors available.

happy shopping! oh and tell your friends. i will be ever so thankful you did!


  1. So cool! I want to open a big cartel shop! i don't know what I'd sell.. but I'm sure I could find something! lol

    Janette, the Jongleur

  2. Hey, Hey, Lady!

    I haven't checked in with this here lovely blog, in awhile!
    For that I am sorry.
    I hope all is well, in your world!!!
    ...headed over to your show, now!


  3. Hi Bethani, just popping over from Truly Lovely to say "hi" :) Your shop is really cool, I am with Janette in wanting to open one :)

  4. EXCITING!!! :) Off to check out the new site and share it around that YOU ARE BACK! Whoot!


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