Friday, April 20, 2012

little notes #7

the first "city" i get to on my drive in the morning

dear traffic,
for some reason you have been alot worse this week than any other week. whats the deal.  no wrecks, no stalled vehicles, nothing.  hopefully next week you change your mind and decide to cooperate with us commuters who travel over an hour to get home. 

dear budget bytes,
you are the coolest website i have found in a long long time.  not only do you give us great cost reducing recipes show how much each serving costs, but you have a recipe for just about everything i could possibly want to cook or bake. thank you for being so awesome.  if you havent checked out budget bytes before, you should do so soon.. you wont be sorry.

dear okra plants,
you are growing so fast!! i cant wait until the day when my first okra pieces are available for the picking.  husband will be thrilled. as will i.  i mean afterall, fried &/or pickled okra are one of my favorites!!

dear kitties,
i seem to write to you three quite a bit. but here recently, well since you have adjusted to yalls new home, it seems as though nighttime is no longer for sleeping. its for playing with each other, playing games in the mini-blinds, or getting into places or things that arent for kitties. 3 and 4 am are not acceptable waking hours for any normal person. so please for the sanity of husband and i, please sleep like good children.  we are begging you.

have an awesome weekend friends! husband and i are going to twisted root tomorrow for a birthday party & my mouth is already salivating for one of their burgers.  depending on the weather, we might get some yardwork done. 


  1. lol Bad kitties! But how cute that they play in the wee hours of the morning...Isn't that cute to you? Probably not huh? lol Hope you have a restful and happy weekend Bethani!

    Janette the Jongleur

  2. I LOVE me some fried AND pickled okra! When you have a thriving crop I'll expect some in the mail. K, thanks. :)

  3. I discovered budget bytes last week and made that same yakisoba chicken recipe in your picture! What are the odds of that? It was really tasty. :)


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