Thursday, April 12, 2012

color board: poppy red + pool aqua

this weekend is our first real weekend in our new home & i can't wait to get started on our list of to-do projects.  first up is our landscape.  all i can say is oye vey! 

my list: lots and lots of color!!

our landscape right now is nothing but green. everywhere! while green is much better than dead, a little goes a long way. and we have more than enough. so this weekend we are taking out a few bushes & giving them to my brother, as well as putting some colorful things in their places.  while husband & my dear brother are tackling bushes, my sister in law & i will be sprucing up pots & planter boxes. 

and the color combo couldnt get any better.  poppy red + poolside aqua! 

stayed tuned for all the changes we make, along with some fun diy ideas that i've come across. 

hope you all have had a fantastic weekend week and are having a terrific thursday! cant you tell im jumping ahead just a little.

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  1. Excited to see this colorful, fun new yard!!! :) Have a lovely evening friend!!!


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