Tuesday, April 24, 2012

coming together like puzzle pieces

owning a home is a constant project.  it never seems that everything is "exactly" how you want things.  husband and i knew this before we moved.  and everyday we get a great reminder of that.

our home was a bank owned foreclosure.  and typically those mean lots and lots of projects. however, we did get lucky with the fact that the bank had a company come in and paint, lay new carpet, fix things, before it was put on the market.  we couldnt have gotten luckier.  doing lots of work on the inside is hard enough, but our yard was in dire need of immediate TLC.

everything was so green. and so husband and i have been spending numerous hours revamping our front yard to make it more warm, welcoming & actually give off the impression that people live there.  its starting to come together bit by bit.  we should have taken up stock in all stores that cater to home improvement and landscape needs.  after this weekend we should been finished with the front yard & be able to start on the back, which by the current situation will take a lot more time. 


i finally got around to unpacking my catch all room.  my sewing, crafting, etsy room.. ladies only, because all the men i know have no desire to craft or sew.  its more sports, yard work & drinking beer.

i have a couple more boxes to unpack and organize & then the shop will be back open.  between the moving & everything else that has gone on the last couple months, my shop has really fallen far behind. i'm deeply apologetic to those that i had to & still am issuing refunds to due to the move. not to mention the fact that my printer went on the fritz and was putting blue ink all over everything.

but as far as the shop is concerned, with all my new "space", its going to allow me so many more opportunities. plus i'm going to be changing up what i'm going to be selling.  still will have a few paper good options, but not like what has been currently offered.  my free time is fixing to be cut really thin due to the implentation of a new computer system at work (lots of overtime!!) so i will not be offering any custom/personalized items.  everything for sale will be as is items.

one of my very first sewing projects. not my best, but i was super proud!
to go along with my handful of paper good items, i'm going to be reintroducing my sewn goods.  i've been browsing and learning (way of pictures) on how to master a bunch of different techniques, which shot up a lot of new, fun & quirky things for the shop. think clutches, totes, headbands & awesome clippies.

more details and photos of all that stuff coming within the next couple of weeks i hope.


  1. Okay.. I'm jealous! I wish I had my own house to work on and my own crafty room! Boo! I'm determined to have one of each some time in my life Godwilling! And I think your sewing project clutch thingy is masterful! It's super great! So much better than I could ever do.. I have no patience for sewing unfortunately.. You should take before and after pics of your home btw... Or maybe you already did.. Should peruse your bloggy and find out!

    Have a lovely day friend and Draw Something buddy!;-)

    Janette, the Jongleur

  2. Excited to see the shop open back up again and see what new items you'll be sharing! :) Fun fun!!!


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