Tuesday, April 17, 2012

a little squeal + a lot of yardwork

totally awesome deli sign i captured while in nyc
while watching smash (my current favorite show!!) last night, tom & sam were going out and this deli sign comes into focus & i let a little squeal.  why?  because i remember taking this exact picture when i was in new york & all those giddy exciting feelings came back of my experience there.   husband thinks im slightly crazy..

i so yearn to go back some time for a longer period and get to explore even more than when i did several years ago & consume more amazing foods than known to man (including corner cart food!)  now its just convincing husband its a terrific idea & gathering the funds for it.  

when i wasnt squealing like a little schoolgirl about signs in super awesome cities, husband, my brother, SIL, and i were busting tail in our yard, trying to make it better homes & garden magazine worthy.  we are miles away from that status, but we managed to get lots accomplished.

our little garden box was nothing but a dirt heap when we moved in.  we turned the old soil, added new soil, and planted a bunch of fun garden items.  jalapenos, lavendar, rosemary & some cutesy flowers now call it home. i also added a new coat of paint to the garden box.  its bright aqua. just like that flower pot above. 

a diy tip that i live by?? something still in good shape, but you just dont like it?  spray paint!! it gives your items a whole new feel plus saves you a fortune...

that flower pot?? it was sitting out on someones curb with 2 others. perfectly good condition, just needed a new coat of paint.  so i adopted them & made them beautiful.. the other two are going to be poppy red...

one of other projects has been ripping out these super awful bushes that took up residence in our front flower beds. they were terrible.  hadn't been trimmed or anything.  so we teamed up and ripped out the first of several bushes this weekend & replaced with some texas, drought friendly plants.  the remodel of that flower bed really opened up the walkway & you can even see the house number now. 

next up is the flower bed in front of our bay window, which has all the other hideous bushes.  ugh, can't wait for them to be gone.  plus contiuous TLC on the yard itself.  it was overtaken by weeds.  so we are currently trying to get rid of them, plus "healing" our good grass as well as covering the dead spots. 

have an terrific landscape tips??? we would love to know them..


  1. the bright colored planter just made my day! what an easy project with a big impact.

  2. Oh my goodness.... New York! I want to go someday! And like you, I plan on stuffing my face as much as possible :)

  3. I love yard and landscape work! AND spray paint! A DIYers best friend! :) I think we need a FULL photo of these make overs... Just saying... ;)


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