Tuesday, November 15, 2011

paperchains & party rock!

so you know how i told you yesterday about my glorious plans of christmas decor?? well last night i started cutting my paper strips and the assembling of my paper chains.  i managed to get one chain done (i ran out of staples). and even got the okay from the dear mister to hang it up.  can i say it looks totally christmasy and wonderful! i got more staples and tonight it is on! our apartment is going to be all kinds of festive in no time. it might even resemble this or the apartment buddy the elf decorated.  this guy has to be someone's hero. and he's mine.  who doesnt love a jillion christmas things everywhere, singing everything and love sugar? well most people, but i'm the exception to the rule.

the toy store

& if anyone has a spare $120.00 they want to let me have so i can get these for myself for christmas, i would love you forever! seriously, $120?! i mean i know they have authentic Swarovski crystals and all. but they are shoes.. deck shoes for that matter. but i'm sure someone cool out there has a pair. if so, i would like to meet you. maybe i can get all sorts of crafty and martha stewart and make my own pair.

party rock!

i've also added a few fun new items to my left sidebar - what i'm currently reading & formspring. formspring is probably old school to most folks, but i figured i would add this fun feature to the blog so people can ask questions if they have them. and my books. i love reading, but only if the book is a good attention grabber. i may or may not review the books, but i figured its something fun to let people know what i'm up to.

til then, i hope everyone is having a terrific tuesday! 

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