Monday, November 14, 2011

a note from the editor..

last week was a crazy, crazy whirlwind of rollercoaster moments.  from emotions like those of a tilt-a-whirl to the mental anquish of the wild mouse, i needed a time out from the social world, including the blog & twitter.

for those that don't know, the misters step dad, was diagnosed with cancer the week we got married. and its gradually taken its toll on his health.  right now we are all dealing with many, many things and decisions, all of which no person ever wants to be in a situation to make.  we are literally taking it day by day, hoping for the best, preparing for the worst.

and this post isnt meant to put people in a damper mood. its just to update. to inform.  to let you all know where i am & a little of what is going on with me so if i'm not here for a few days or fall off the map for a week, thats where i probably am.

in more exciting news:

- peppermint mochas are the shiznit! and did i just say shiznit? um yea, i did.  i think over the last week, i've consumed more peppermint mochas than a person should probably consume in the christmas season. but hey, we all have flaws.  and if you haven't had the amazing pleasure of indulging in this little treat, do so and fast! you're missing out!

- i'm at something like 96 followers.  and i've mentioned several times before, that when i reach 100, this blog is having some pretty awesome giveaways.  actually at this point there are 4 chances to win.  so lets get to 100 friends, so we can all enjoy the fun giveaways. 

- christmas is in 40 days! and i can't wait.  i'm ready to put up the tree, hang my decor and start wrapping presents.   and baking! over the next couple of weeks i will be sharing a few of my favorite holiday treat recipes for you all to enjoy.

thats all i've got for now. 
i hope everyone is doing amazing
& can't wait to get updated on all your posts!


  1. Always sending you happy thoughts girlie!!!

    I had my first Peppermint Mocha over the weekend actually! LOVED it! :)

    Excited for your big giveaway days!!!

  2. So sorry to hear that about your husband's step-dad..... sending good thoughts you way....


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