Monday, November 21, 2011

i still can't believe its the monday before thanksgiving

seriously, where did november go?! it seems as i blinked & now its time to consume ridiculous amount of tryptophan & catch up on gossip while the boys watch turkey day football.

but while i still have a few days before the ovens crank on & the kitchen mixers begin their chores of whipping a million pounds of potatoes, i figured i would fashionize the blog some, post a little fun find & share some hollywood gossip.  because thats all we need, right?

i'm gradually working on adding a few fun items to the blog, like headers and such. and if you can't already tell, i've gone back to my single sidebar days to allow for a wider sidebar.  i'm still working on it, but i'm liking the way things are turning out. maybe even lure in a few sponsors for december?  you still have a little more than a week left to email me if you are interested in becoming a sponsor.  i would love to have you.

okay is this nail art just not the cutest??  but then i love everything snowflake, winter, etc., so its not too hard to please.  i'm going to have to go on a hunt for something like this, because this is just the thing i need right now for alittle extra added holiday cheer. 

and holiday cheer is what i'm all about. seeing that black friday is this friday! (say what!) i've made it a point to turn my radio dial to the christmas music station and really get this holiday thing going.  have you auto tuned to you city's christmas station yet?

totally random, but i must put my two cents into some hollywood gossip. do people seriously think by going on the bachelor that they will find their true love? yea, i don't think so.  another case in point.  but then i really dont follow the bachelor too much, i just find it rather amusing how many people out there think that this show is really the answer to finding their soulmates.  sad. pathetic. and i kind of feel sorry for those that do.

besides everything else, i hope everyone is having a terrific, productive start to their thanksgiving weeks.  i will be back before thanksgiving to share another recipe or two & a thanksgiving post.  stayed tuned loves.


  1. I agree November did go pretty fast. Before we know it, it will be Christmas!

  2. November has flown by! Always does:-) I am super excited for everything that Christmas has to offer, but I can't deny the power of turkey day! Feasting with the just can't beat that! xoxo


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