Wednesday, November 23, 2011

gobble your little hearts out.

if anyone knows me, they know i love food.  so it wouldn't be surprising for me to absolutely love the holidays for that reason alone. that excuse to eat more than the food pyramid is comprised of or what all the foodie, know it all, dieticians recommend for a daily, weekly or possibly monthly intake. thankgiving is also about giving thanks, which i started here, but this post is an ode to some of my thanksgiving and/or holiday favorites.  i mean christmas is only a few weeks away, where i will happily repeat this cycle of overeating in an order to please the inner over eating fool thats aching to get out.

below is one of my favorite recipes for the holidays - which i usually end up making and taking to our family meals.

the next four days of mine are going to be jammed packed of holiday meals, family visits, black friday shopping (heck yeas!) & just some nice relaxtion.  i will be back next monday with a recipe for yummy sweet potato casserole!

from the husband and i, we hope you have an extremely blessed & loving Thanksgiving with the ones you love. eat lots, drink some, watch some terrific turkey day football, sleep plenty, shop your hearts out & enjoy the holiday!

love you all.


  1. my favorite part isn't really thanksgiving related, its the ice cream :)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours girlie!!! :) My fave part is the cranberry sauce and hot rolls!!!

  3. That cranberry relish sounds amazing! My favorite part of Thanksgiving meal? All the yummy veggie dishes! :D


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