Wednesday, November 2, 2011

a snowy hideaway

whimsy at its finest
 a cold front is supposed to move in this afternoon. the winds are supposed to pick up and we could even possibly see a chance of rain.  its nothing like the northeast, who has seen piles of snow, but we are dipping down to the 40s & maybe even 30's tonight. which means extra cuddling while i sleep.

when it gets chilly out, i think of places like the cottage in the holiday. so whimsy and perfect. all its beauty tucked away in the backwoods of surrey.  the tiny bedroom up top with the small kitchen connected to the perfect living room downstairs.  sipping hot coffee or chocolate (with marshmellows of course!) while listening to the radio, watching out the old pane windows as the snow piles up outside.

days when the sun rises and melts the snow enough to venture out, the nearby town awaits the arrival of the locals, dressed in shiny snow boots and sparkly scarves. the grocer with the finest of wines, breads & cheeses.  the pub with their pints and snacks for the regulars who visit on a night when there isnt much else to do.  music in the background, they gab over recent events and laugh at the small things.
as the pints disappear and the neon light goes to black, residents make their way back to their cottages, to soak in hot baths with the perfect amount of bubbles, the ideal cure for a cold winter's day. and when the skin proves it has soaked long enough, fingers and toes all shriveled like a sun baked raisin, its finally time to retire to the tiny bedroom upstairs. furnished with an iron-framed bed dressed with a goose-down comforter and perfectly broken in pillows.  drifting away into a deep sleep full of dreams comprised of love, laughter and whimsy.


  1. Oh what an escape! That sounds so so so nice! Let's go, yes?

  2. I LOVE The Holiday! Perfect winter movie for sure!!! Keep warm friend! I'll be thinking of you while it's in the 80s still here...

  3. What a charming description! That little retreat does look like a little slice of heaven. Once you find out where it is, let me know, k?

    Also, love your about me description: I'm the opposite. I live in NYC and probably always will but have a yearning and adoration for Texas (where I'm from:) Eat some chips and queso for me!

  4. Oh what I would do for a cabin as quaint and as lovely as the one in The Holiday (great movie by the way! :)).


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