Monday, November 14, 2011

its never too early for christmas.

i feel a little like lily from HIMYM during the holiday.. well actually all the time.  but particularly during christmas.  she goes above and beyond to christmas everything.  and yes i just used christmas as a verb.  in my book to christmas, is to put the holiday spirit into everything you see & do.  if you've seen the "how lily stole christmas" episode, you know exactly what i'm talking about.

their apartment looks like christmas vomited all over it.  and thats what i strive for my apartment to feel like at the holidays.  and this year is no different.  actually this year is even better, because now i'm married and i've got the mister in the holiday spirit extra early this year! and i'm currently trying to convince him why we should get a headstart on the holiday decorating.  this has proved to be a little harder than originally expected.  but its a work in progress. 

i even caught myself checking out new holiday cds while at target over the weekend and thinking where i had put the ones i currently have in my possession.  i need to find them soon, because i can always use a good christmas tune on the way to and from work.

but i thought in light of the fact i can't run home and throw up the tree or tinsel, i could preplan my christmas decorating right here!  i hope to make this years decor better than years past, with more tinsel, paper chains, snowflakes and fun. 

this year i want a classic, fun christmas.  no crazy colors or themes.  your basics.  greens, reds, whites & a little sparkle. and of course, snowflakes, snowmen, penguins and SANTA CLAUS!

*side note* i realize i misspelled affordable...  ehh but i'm too lazy to go back to fix it.



  1. I'm obsessed with Christmas, so it can never come too early..even though I do love Thanksgiving as well!! xo.

  2. ooh i love christmas too:) i need the michael buble christmas cd from target. i keep seeing commercials for it. do you have it?

    my fave decorations are these little knitted snowflakes my grandma made. i've seriously got DOZENS of them. they were so tedious and boring to put up when i was younger, but when i got married and mama gave me some of them, i've learned to treasure and love them for their vintage charm:)

  3. :) Now that's fun... pre-planning your Christmas on the blog! Love it! I'm pretty traditional with our decor too, nothing too crazy! I have several favorites that I brought to our new home from my parents... This year I'm hoping to make me and the hubs some stockings. My mom made ours many years ago and I always loved hanging them up!


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